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Diabetes in Africa

Diabetes is the improper regulation of blood sugar in the body. Though it has multiple types, the general consensus states that the body has too much blood sugar. Too much blood sugar in the body can be damaging to the body and lead to multiple other diseases or death. [1]

Did you know that 19 million adults (20-79) are living with diabetes in the IDF Africa Region in 2019. This figure is estimated to increase to 47 million by 2045.

1 in 9 live births in the IDF Africa Region are affected by hyperglycaemia in pregnancy. [2]

According to the International Diabetes Federation, over 19 million Africans have diabetes with an additional 45 million that may become diabetic because of a lack of blood sugar tolerance. In the coming years, over 45 million may become diabetic in Africa. Worst of all, 6 out of 10 Africans who have diabetes do not know that they are affected by the disease. [3]

The best way to combat diabetes is through monitoring, treatment, and early diagnosis (World Health Organization). However, Africans because of lower resources, do not have access to testing and medicine. Urgency is needed to assure that diabetics and pre-diabetics get the resources they need to manage their blood sugar. [4]